2013 ACTA Weekday Morning Social Tennis
2013 ACTA Weekday Morning Social Tennis
Event Series: 2013 ACTA Social Tennis Events
Event Dates: 4/10/2013 - 12/18/2013
Registration: Login Required
Event News

What is Weekday Morning Social Tennis?

Are you interested in a new FREE opportunity that will get you playing more tennis right away?  The ACTA Social Tennis Committee has come up with a new way of getting more players on the courts by making casual match scheduling and getting subs easier.  The new program is Weekday Morning Social Tennis.  See below for more detailed info.  Other days and times will be added as demand for this program format grows.

Weekday Morning Social Tennis is FREE for all paid ACTA members, beginners through advanced.  This new program is great for members available on weekday mornings (7:00 a.m.) whom are looking for more organized play opportunities and just to finally get started playing tennis on a regular basis.  This new program uses the ACTA TenCap system to facilitate more tennis play by posting match schedules online, keeping track of match results, and by making it easy for players to connect with other players and to get subs.

·        The ACTA Weekday Morning Social Tennis is a New FREE Program designed to get more ACTA Members playing more tennis fast! 

·        To kick-off this new program, we have chosen Wednesday Mornings to schedule our first Weekday Social Tennis event! Other days and times will be added as demand for this program format grows!

·        Weekday Morning Social Tennis takes advantage of unscheduled court-time at the Antelope Tennis Center and does not interfere with weekend and weeknight league schedules.  

How Does It Work?

Here is how it works:

"Players" and "Substitutes":

1.      The event is set-up to allow a limited number of core "players", and an unlimited number of "substitutes" to register.

2.      Core "players" will be scheduled to play every Wednesday and must make that commitment.  If a core "player" has to take a Wednesday off, it becomes their responsibility to get a sub from the registered "substitutes" list.

3.      "Substitutes" do not commit to playing each week.  Instead, "substitutes" have the option of choosing to play when one of the core "players" cannot.

Match Format:

1.      Play is Doubles, however there are no fixed doubles teams.  Players play as individuals.

2.      Each week, the event will schedule four players of similar ability for each court to play three sets; one set partnering with each of the other three players.  Sets use regular “add” scoring, with 6-6 tiebreakers (first to 7 win by two points).  To start each set, serve or side is determined by the spin of a racquet.

3.      Each week, the event will assign a different player to supply the match balls for their court.

4.      Each week, players will enter the match results into the TenCap event.  Match results will be used to help make all players’ TenCap ratings more accurate.

That’s all there is to it!  Pretty simple, and it helps you play more matches more often while making new tennis friends!  Now, click that registration button and you are on your way to more tennis, more often, and more fun!

This is an ACTA Members Only Event.

Not an ACTA Member Yet? Why Not?

For only $20 a year, ACTA members enjoy a variety of members only benefits designed to support and improve your tennis game.

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Your annual membership dues include access to:

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6. TenCap website with event registration, League scheduling, and player ratings.

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